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  2. "Own your fucking shit no matter how painful it is. It shows character it builds respect. No one owns their shit any more. It’s all about shifting blame. Preserving ego. It makes people soft, it makes them unaccountable. Own your shit. That’s how you make it with your conscience and pride intact."
    — Joseph Saccamozzone (my grandfather)

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  3. Mellen Street Market (06/20/14)

  4. Oh yes. #portlandme

  6. I’ve been working so much lately. #portlandme


  7. "When you’re learning about something and dissecting it, I don’t think you’re really through until you don’t understand anything about it. If you study something and you find all this stuff about it, you just went skin deep, so if you keep going and going, you should be left with a fucking mess of unanswered questions. If you take any subject and keep asking, “Why,” without stopping, you’ll get to a point where there really [aren’t] any clear answers."

  8. coreysomething:

    A disappointingly large amount of my meals are based solely on what clean dishes and silverware i can find.

  9. Photos from June 1st, 2014

  10. My life as an English-major, in a nutshell. #mynotebook

  11. Poem from a notebook, spring of 2013

    No matter how tight you tie them
    your laces will eventually come undone
    and you’ll have to bend over and
    show someone your ass to keep going.

  12. I just wanted to talk from time to time with the world at large. #blackoutpoem #NYtimes

  13. May 22nd, 2014 in Portland Maine

  14. Just a few photos I took on Brackett Street a while ago on my way to Omnis Cafe. 03/30/2014

  15. Blackout poems created from texts for an architecture class. 04/08/2014